Confused On Where To Live In Norwalk?

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Are you planning to buy your dream real estate Norwalk area? If yes, you have made the right decision. There is much more diversity of housing in the Norwalk area when compared to many of its neighborhoods. If you are unable to decide on the location to find your dream home Norwalk property, read along to know more about the attractions and amenities in Norwalk.

Attractions And Amenities In Norwalk Region

The Maritime Aquarium in Norwalk is not so far from the shopping malls, bars and restaurants of the South Norwalk region. There are many theaters, shops and museums around the region and the Stew Leonard’s grocery shop will be an experience on its own. In addition, there is plenty to do with many yacht clubs and beaches. The area also has many golf courses, trails and parks, and when you are ready to go back to work, you can find companies like Xerox based in an around the region.

Community health centers and Norwalk Hospital serves the city. There are also other hospitals in the nearby cities. Norwalk Community College is part of the system of universities and colleges in the state, offering quality education to students.

The Merritt Parkway and Interstate 95 run east-west across the city from Darien to Westport and a drive to Midtown Manhattan will only take a little under an hour without traffic. However, there will be heavy traffic during rush hour. U.S. 1, which is a center for commerce, parallels the main highways. You can reach New York City from Norwalk in half an hour on the train.

There are also many rental options around the city. Census data show that more than forty percent of the housing in Norwalk is rented. The median value of owner-occupied housing as per the census data is 435,800 dollars, though you can find many multi-million dollar homes in the Long Island Sound. The city has many parks, galleries and museums. The original Stew Leonard’s is also located nearby, which the New York Times once called ‘the Disneyland of stores.’

Norwalk has twelve elementary schools, four high schools and four middle schools including magnet schools. There is also the Norwalk Community College in the city. In the fall season, there will be the annual Oyster Festival and Boat Show that draw crowds.